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Why Work With Us

Your financial life is unlike that of any other person on earth. Not only are your personal needs different, but the needs of your family and loved ones are also unique. Focus 1 Advisors offers impartial and unbiased Investment, tax, and estate planning advice that is customized and tailored to your situation, because you deserve more than rehearsed advice and recycled strategies. Your professional and personal finances merit the expertise of advisors who truly care about you, your family, and your future.

That’s where we come in.

Focus 1 Advisors specializes in helping Retirees, Investors, and High Net Worth individuals maximize their current resources and future returns. As financial experts, we have the ability to address your greatest financial concerns with absolute certainty, and never with guessing. Your written financial plan from Focus 1 Advisors will assure you never take more risk than necessary to achieve your goals, pay the least amount of tax legally possible, and protect your assets.

Steven Floyd, founder, and CEO of Focus 1 Advisors, has firsthand experience in all aspects of financial management.  An innate understanding of how high net worth, investors, and retirees think and feel, Steven and his team will focus on your education and peace of mind. He will help answer all of your questions, address your concerns, and be your personal financial advocate for life.

When you make the wise decision to partner with Focus 1 Advisors, you can expect:

  • Financial, tax, and estate planning advice that is high quality and customized.
  • To gain insight into complex financial issues.
  • An outstanding client experience.
  • Expert strategies that will help solve your financial challenges.
  • To receive tools and resources necessary to make informed and educated financial decisions.
  • A team of financial advocates who truly care about your personal and financial well being.

Call (310) 540-6197 for more information for a FREE 30-minute consultation to discuss your needs.