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What We Do

As, Investor, or Retiree or High Net Worth Individual - you have plenty on your plate as it is. The last thing you need is to concern yourself with are the complexities of your financial life. Rather than leave your financial well being up to chance, allow Focus 1 Advisors to help. We offer impartial and unbiased tax, financial, and estate planning advice to business owners, investors, and retirees. We focus on what we do best and allow you to stay on top of the personal and professional tasks that your everyday life demands.

Focus 1 Advisors offers a comprehensive suite of financial planning, tax strategies, and wealth management services. Regardless of what your financial needs happen to be, our team is dedicated to empowering you with multiple solutions aimed at helping you reach your goals.

Investors and Retirees: The cornerstone of a great financial plan is a sound investment process. At Focus 1 Advisors, we believe that there is a Smarter Way to Invest. Making great decisions by using smart formulas, our investment advice is rooted in academic research and a proven set of processes.  

  1. Customized Asset Allocation
  2. Money Manager Selection
  3. Tactical, Ongoing Asset Management
  4. Transparent and comprehensive reporting.  

Click to learn more about our investment process, and how it can help you on your journey to find a Smarter Way to Invest.

High Net Worth individuals: Offering financial advice typically encompasses more than just investment management.  Your needs are more complex, often times necessitating the opinions of many other professionals such as, CPA’s, Attorneys, Insurance Agents and more. Focus 1 Advisors is structured to manage the entire process so that all professionals are working in one coordinated direction.

  • We not only manage your investment portfolio, but
  • We work with attorneys that prepare trusts and wills.
  • We do tax planning and preparation.
  • We develop asset protection plans.
  • We assist in charitable giving programs.
  • We offer unique tax strategies for capital asset disposition.

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